Whether you're a professional musician performing on a big stage, or someone playing at a local bar or coffeeshop, it's great to have your chords and lyrics at your fingertips. "All Set" helps musicians organize, share, and view setlists and songs right on their phones. Want to see the lyrics and chords for the next song, or the previous one? Just swipe!
After analyzing the UX research, I began to iterate on these low-fidelity wireframes. This allowed me to zero in on the information and functionality that would be most beneficial to musicians, whether they are backstage preparing, or on-stage performing, including:
1. Viewing and organizing saved setlists
2. Seeing all the songs (numbered) in any given set
3. Swiping to advance or go back through songs
4. Adding a song from a "songbank" to a setlist from any screen
5. Editing song info on the fly
Final UI
After working through low-, mid-, and high-fidelity wireframes, there were a few user pain points that became apparent, and these needed to be addressed in the final UI:
1. On-stage glare/low backstage lighting: minimizing the app colors and allowing users to choose between a "light or dark UI" helps them view the set and song information easily
2. Tap Tempo: other setlist apps commonly let users enter a number for "beats per minute" - a standard way of noting the tempo of any given song. The problem with this is that most musicians (including many drummers!) cannot simply look at that number and tap it out correctly. The result: songs are played too fast or too slow and no one is happy! All Set allows users to tap out the agreed-upon tempo of a song during rehearsals, and then lets users display an on-screen flashing light on every beat. Tempo problems solved!
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