There are so many people living in cities that don’t know how to ride a bike, or just plain can’t, physically. They are looking for clean, green transportation without a large commitment and expense. Enter eScooter. eScooter helps people find, unlock and return seated electric-scooters for commuting and exploring.
UX Research
After interviewing potential users, I compiled their responses into user stories, before moving on to the creation of the user flow.
Wireframes and final UI
Beginning with low-fidelity wireframe sketches, and iterating through mid- and high-fidelity wireframes, the final UI was polished to its' current state.
Scan Barcode: users scan a barcode found on the body of the scooter, or can also enter the number manually into the app, to unlock it.
Unlock Success: visual indication is provided so that users can be sure that the scooter is unlocked and they are free to ride now!
My Ride Stats: users can view important information such as time elapsed, battery level, and distance so that they can plan accordingly.
Logo and Style Guide
The eScooter logo is comprised of a few elements that represent the brand.
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